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SUMMER O5 ` daaamnnn yall already know me && tha girls guna get crunk =D

Today was tha last day of school & we had exams and got out at 12. Nicole Liv && Wendy came back to my crib and we chilled for a lil then went to California Pizza Kitchen and ate and talked about how much fun tha summers guna be and all our old memories. Then we came back here and watched out 8th grade video from like 2 years ago and shit it was str8. Now im chillin at tha crib tryin to find somethin to do tonite ya feel me?

if you got myspace.. add me ;]

<333 Ima holla this weekend sometime. if yall wana talk, get at me on aim..

PS. Tha Longest Yard was like tha best movie ever !!
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