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iM S0 iCY !!

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da weekend !! [11 Apr 2005|04:27pm]
[ mood | bitchy ]

yoo!! heres my weekend _

Friday ; Olivia me wendy and maki went to Regal and chilled we were guna see Ms. Congieniality 2 but we decided not to. So we chilled and we went and smoked lmao and then we went to Dunkin Donuts cause we had the munchies like a bitch and I guess da lady was closin up so she gave us however many donuts we wanted for free. lmao I think I got like 3 real shyt lol. Then we dropped Maki off and went to wendys and went and chilled at this boy's crib for a few then went home and went to sleep cause we were TiRED!!

Saturday ; I woke up and Shayna came over and we went to wings and chilled and talked for a while cause I ain't chilled with her in a minute. Then Khyrian came over and we went swimmin cause it was like 106 degrees outside lol not really it was like 85 or some shyt but yeah it was hot. lmao and tommy came over and khyrian was sayin the funniest shyt cause her ass was high. Then I dropped them off and came home and slept for a lil cause I was tired and woke up and got ready and Olivia came over and went to Josh crib. lol we smoked again and chilled and watched Odd Girl Out. Shyt was funny as fuck I aint even guna lie. Then we came home at like 12:3O and like passed out. It seems im always tired aint it? lmao

Sunday ; Shayna came over and me Olivia and her layed out and went swimmin cause it was another hot ass day outside. summers comin soon =P then Olivia left and me and shayna chilled and talked about a bunch of shyt then she went home and I did some of my homework lol I aint never got a chance to finish. hehe me and Josh go back out !! yupp.. hate on it!!

Today ; ain't nothin special happen today.
Health _ chilled lmao finished my homework I was supposed to do last night for second block.
World History _ watched peoples do they presentations and then I went to sleep
LUNCH _ nothin excitin happened today
English _ we did so much work that shyt wasnt even funny!! lmao
Drama _ made up this funny as skit to perform tomorrow.

now im home not doin anythin
so i'll holla if anything excitin happens

4 ; would die for they clique !*

[04 Apr 2005|11:26pm]
Im mad as fuck right now that Illinois lost da NCAA championship but whatever. thats still my school but now ima consider goin to UNC lmao cause im lookin at these boys and they fine. we`ll I have time to figure it out..
6 ; would die for they clique !*

crazy ass weekend.. [04 Apr 2005|12:36pm]
[ mood | confused ]

Friday _ I came home from school and chilled and Olivia ended up comin over and we went and picked up wendy sarah and shayna and went to Regal to see Guess Who?.. I aint even guna lie that shyt was one of da funniest movies I ever seen in my life. lmao [phone call 1] "Baby Im lookin at a picture of you and Bucky on ur bulletin board and I just wana let you know that im tearin it up right now".. [phone call 2] "Baby do you have any scotch tape?" LMA0 I love that scene for real. so yeah then me and Olivia spent da night at wendys and we walked down to checkers and ate and then Lonnie and Devin came up there with their friends so we sat and chilled for a while then Tommy came and picked us up and then when we decided to go home we had him drop us off up at OP and we swung on the swings!! lmao I felt like a lil girl again =P then on da way home we noticed this dude followin us in his car so we cut across da joggin park and he pulls up next to it.. lmao we started freakin out right about then, then a car on da other side started drivin into da park after us .. I like started cryin we thought that dat nigga called for back up or somethin lol but then we noticed it was Francisco and his peoples and he ended up givin us a ride home and then we chilled for a lil then went to sleep

Saturday Nicole and Chris came and got me and we went and picked up Maynard and Josh and we all went to da Broward Mall and I got 2 shirts from Epic. One is black wit white writing that nicole picked out that says "Thats HOT!" lmao and I got this camo long sleeve one its so cute. Then we went and dropped Maynard off at da bus station and then I got dropped off and got ready. Olivia Nicole and wendy came over and we went to Chris Holker's crib cause his peoples was out of town so he had some people over chillin and all that good shyt. we`ll some drama happened there with these 2 Ohio chicks that Chris and da boys over there had only met for 5 min and the girls decided to go back over there wtf? we`ll yeah those girls was jaw poppin talkin about they was guna kill us cause they thought we was da ones who stole out they purses [ lmao we were ] but they aint know that. So yeah all da boys tryin to hold us back why they get da two girls out the door before everyone goes crazy. wendy hopped over da couch and kicked me in my face and her and Olivia rushed Darius out the door to get to them girls. But then Chris took them home. So everyone was just chillin for da rest of the night and me and wendy ended up leavin at like 1:45 and I got home around 2:O0 and passed out cause I was mad tired !!

Sunday I woke up around 1 and chilled for most of the day until like 6:0O when I went and picked up wendy to go to Bru's Room to eat dinner wit my whole family. It was straight. Then I came home and finally started on my English Project that was like a 5 hour long assignment lmao and I had it since like a few days before Spring Break :) lol but ya I got finished wit it like at 2 in da mornin I wouldnt have even gotten finished if peoples wouldnt have sent my there shyt for me to copy lol <33 so then I went to sleeep.

Todayy aint nothin happen in school. I turned in that English Pro. then I got another report due wednesday in world history but whateva. I left early and im home now cause I aint really feel all that good so I figured I better get this update in before I get to lazy lmao.

I`ll holla

5 ; would die for they clique !*

[29 Mar 2005|03:49pm]
[ mood | tired ]

Yeaaaahh so back to schoool!! Shyts been mad gay.. I cant wait until it's over :) only 45 more days nigga.
I got 2 reports due next week fuck wrong wit my teachers? lol I think ima skip Friday this weeek cause I only missed like 3 days of school this year and its about time I stay home shyt lmao. Hopefully ima be goin to Springfest down in da MIA wit Nicole and Olivia.. I ain't even guna lie its guna be CRUNK!! lol

we`ll ima holla at yall lames later =P

8 ; would die for they clique !*

[27 Mar 2005|09:25pm]
[ mood | bouncy ]

I don't think ima update about sprinq break anymore lol. It would take to long to type and im fuckin lazy. It was fun but it won't compare to last years lmao.. we was all crazy last year.

But I did have fun yesterday [ da last night of SB ]. Me and Nicole went to get a pedicure in da mornin and then I came home and chilled and then practiced my drivin skills :] Then Nicole and Chris came and got me and we went to Chris house to eat with his peoples. It was great.. Crisis mom ain't want John over so everytime da someone would knock on da door she was like "THiS BETTER NOT BE JOHN" lmao and one of da times it was Tripp lol nicole "THiS AiNT NO JUMP OFF". Then John finally came over and we all went outside and played basketball and then me nicole chris and john left and picked up Josh and we was supposed to go egg peoples but then this kid called and said he was guna fight these gibbons kids up at da beach so we go up there and they left so we just sat there chillin bein dumb and then we left at like 1:O0 and dropped everyone off and went to Taco Bell.


Ima holla


7 ; would die for they clique !*

[26 Mar 2005|09:34am]
[ mood | crazy ]


gotta do it real big !!

I`ll holla

4 ; would die for they clique !*

I stole this from indian_amour =] [25 Mar 2005|10:05pm]
[ mood | sleepy ]

15 songs that first play on your playlist on random:

1. Mariah Carey - We belong together
2. Amerie - One Thing
3. Amanda Perez - Love is pain
4. Soulja Slim - Ill pay for it
5. Tango Redd ft. Bone Crusher & David Banner- Wobble and Shake it
6. Crime MOB - Crunk me up
7. Crime MOB - Put yo hands up
8. Hot boyz - Blood thicka
9. 50Cent - Just A Lil Bit
10. Dirtbag ft. BG - Toot that booty up
11. Destiny Child - Cater 2 U
12. Khia - Dont trust no nigga
13. TI - ASAP
14. Juvenile- Rich niggaz
15. Ms. Beehavin - Hit that bitch wit a bottle

14 first contacts in your cell and who they are to you:

1. Abuela - my grandma up in chicago
2. Alex - One of my homegirls I known since 3rd grade
3. Alfred - Friend from school
4. Auntie Re-C - My aunt up in chicago
5. Baby Sis - my lil sister [ she aint really my sis but I watched her grow up since the day she was born ]
6. Bia Bia- Reed .. lmao that name been in there for him for like 4 years
7. Deena - my homegirl since I was like 11
8. Bradly - My dawg from school
9. Carlos - One of my friends
10. Chelly- One of my friends.. used to be close. But now we just kick it when we see each other. Shes mad crazy lol
11. Chris - This boy from WA
12. Christina - my homegirl from Rickardz
13. Big sis - my big sister
14. Dad - my dad

13 People you've considered your bestfriend at some time.

I only have had a few peoples ive considered my best friends.. Shayna Mandi Wendy Nicole Olivia Deena Talisa Thomas Tommy

12 Favorite Foods & Drinks:

1. Cherry coke
2. Rootbeer
3. Sprite mixed wit Fruit Punch
4. Cheesburger
5. Wendys chicken nuggets
6. Sprite
7. Mashed Potatoes
8. Steak
9. Cornbread
10. Mac 'n Cheese
11. Kool -aid
12. Fried chicken

11 words to describe yourself:

1. Funny not on purpose
2. Dumb
3. Friendly
4. Caring
5. I know what I want
6. Laid-back
7. Real
8. Shy
9. Quiet
10. Loud at times
11. Hyper at times

10 things you immediately see as you look around right now:

1. Cheezit box
2. A pile of clothes I need to fold
3. CDs
4. Stereo
5. TV
6. House phone
7. Clock
8. Bed
9. Pictures
10. My dog

9 nicknames you've been given:

1. Dela
2. Deezy
3. Snoopy
4. Baby snoopy
5. Dela bella
6. Del
7. Dee
8. Dd
9. Cant think of another one

8 people that make you laugh:

1. Olivia
2. Shayna
3. Tommy
4. Amanda
5. Nicole
6. Thomas
7. Wendy
8. Chris [ the white boy from drama ]

7 facts about you that not many people know:

1. I'm 5'4
2. My moms is Cuban Mexican and Black
3. Dont like to swim
4. I like r&b better then rap
5. Somethin happened to my moms so now she aint the same :\
6&7 I cant think of no more right now cause im tired

6 years ago you were ________ and you were doing what:

I was 9.. I was best friends wit Camille and right now id probably be at her house chillin with the peoples around her neighborhood or at the park.

5 words you say the most, or phrases

1. Fuck or fuckin
2. Whatever
3. What the suck
4. "Thats what I thought.. shut up "
5. Dawg shut the fuck up

4 people on your LJ friends list who you read their journal the most:

1. Johnz queen
2. Get loose or now her LJ name is honey dip
3. oo so nawtii [ my cousin nicoles ]
4. sinderz

3 things you would do differently from your past:

Nothin cause at one point thats what I felt like doin .. and it made me who I am today. Respect that.

2 people that you completely trust:

1. Shay or Amanda
2. Wendy

1 person you love more than anything:

1. My older sister [ cause she been there for me when no one else was ]

3 ; would die for they clique !*

[23 Mar 2005|12:18pm]
[ mood | cheerful ]

I dont got time right now to do a full update of what has happened so far over spring break but ima write about it in another update after spring break over so if I dont update for da next couple days don't delete me :] qotta get crunk for da few last days of the break

Ima holla soon ..
yo IM me if u want my sn on my user info

7 ; would die for they clique !*

do it reall big !! [17 Mar 2005|03:44pm]
[ mood | crazy ]

Happy St. Patricks Day!!

starts today!! doin it real big

Ima update if I do anythin tonight_

I'll holla

13 ; would die for they clique !*

youu alreadyy know!! [14 Mar 2005|10:22pm]
[ mood | tired ]

heres the weekend ;

Friday _ Went to regal with Wendy and met shayna and her friend Derrick there and we saw Hitch. That shyt was mad funny. Then I saw Thomas Frankie Lil Alan Alan Oscar Kevin and Josh there so me and wendy talked with them for a few then we chilled and left cause for a change there was some peoples up there. I was guna spend the night over Wendys house but I ended up just stayin home.

Saturday _ Durin the day was straight. I picked shay and nicole up and we went to Commercial and met Liv and Meghan there and one of Shayna`s homeboys ended up callin and askin if we wanted to go out on his boat for a few. Lol all of us were excited cause we ain't feel like stayin at the beach. so when they get there with the boat we realize we have over capacity so the boat is kinda sinkin in the water lol but we dealt with it. We took it all the way from Commercial to Hilsburo and when we got there we chilled at the beach and took pics and then we went and took the boat in the ocean. LMAO that shyt was a big mistake. Of course me and shay are in the back and they guna go do some wild ass turns so the back of the boat overflows and my fuckin book bag gets wet! lol and I mean fuckin wet bitch that shyt was drenched. Lol so then were headin back to Commercial cause we was gettin picked up at 5:0O and these fuckin redneck ass boys start fuckin with us and start moonin us.. lol so our boat moons them back. yup were lames :] and so the BOAT POLiCE see us lol and pull us over claimin that we had to many people in the boat so shays homeboy ended up gettin a ticket for like $60. Fuck wrong with that cop? lol Then we get back to Commercial and get picked up and I go home and ended up fallin asleep until like 9 o clock and then wait for wendy to come home at like 1O:45 and go chill over there for a lil and then come home. Then my best friend Tommy comes and picks me up at like 1:15 when he gets off work and I go chill at his crib for a while cause there was some peoples over there then he drops me off at like 3:0O and my tired ass goes to sleep. Borin night I know lol

Sunday _ I lay out in my backyard until like 2 somethin and then Karleen takes me to the mall and I meet Deena there and I helped her shop and shyt cause I aint end up buyin anything. And I leave with Deena and we go to like 3 other malls to look for outfits for her so she can spend her 18th birthday money lol then we go to Talisa's house and we chilled cause some people were over there. I get dropped off around 7:O0 and chill and talk on the phone with peoples. LMAO WENDY SHAY AND MANDi. Dominick! ahh that shyt was hilarious. I aint end up goin to sleep until like 1:O0 so I was tired for school today.

Today _ all we did was have free time in each class to study for our midterms on wednesday and thursday [ lol we get out early both days yuupppp!! ] aint nothin excitin but it was a fun day cause I aint do shyt lol. so Thursday starts spring break after early release cause we don't got no school Friday :]

This weekends guna be fun as fuck.. doin it real big with all the girls for the first weekend of spring breaakkk!!!! lmao I'll holla

3 ; would die for they clique !*

[10 Mar 2005|10:52pm]
[ mood | cheerful ]


Alright..tonight I decided to throw Deena a lil surpise birthday dinner at California Pizza Kitchen for her 18th you feel me? so she comes and picks me up and we get to da resturant and Mandi Tee Liv and Nene are there so its straight and we all chillin and remenisin about old times. the damn check was $118 we was thinkin that place was cheap too. we all ended up puttin in more then we was supposed to but its all good dinner turned out to be fun. Then after that we went to HUSTLER lol shyt was fun as fuck everyone dressed up in outfits and we took pictures and all that good shyt. Lol then we went over to da publix where Tommy works at and we was all crunk up in that store bein all loud. Then we leave Publix and head for da beach to do a "beach run" down the strip in her convertable lmao we was playin Spice Girls lol we lames for real then we drop Liv off and we listenin to Britney Spears and we in Oakland Park and these fine ass boys pull up next to us tryin to talk to us and it was prettyy great lmao. Then I get dropped off and now Im on da phone with my dawg shayna so ima holla at yall :]

Hustler Honeys!! 3.1O.O5

5 ; would die for they clique !*

[08 Mar 2005|06:18pm]
[ mood | bored ]

wusup lames :] schoool is so fuckin gay tomorrow we got da damn NRT's but atleast this shyt guna be over by tomorrow. For real I can't wait until spring break!!
Tommy picked me up from school today and we went to wendys and ate. Damn I love their dollar menu for real, da double stacks the best.
But I aint got nothin else to talk about so I'll holla at yall

4 ; would die for they clique !*

[07 Mar 2005|03:26pm]
[ mood | blah ]

wusup? aint nothin excitin happen today in school. The 11th graders had the science FCAT so we had a longer lunch cause they held da bell. Lol so yeah everyone got these flyers about some girls party and are school so ghetto that da girl put the bus routes on there for them to take to get to da place lol.

I just did some work and then chilled wit soso and manouchka. I had a subsitute in my 2 hard classes today so it was straight. I ain't do nothin but watch a movie in 2nd block and do some work to keep me busy in 3rd block that I finished in like 30 min so I had an hour to sleep :]. 4th block we watched rush hour 2 cause my teacher ain't feel like givin us no work. That movie is my favorite movie no lie I forgot how funny that shit was.
yeah and I got two new books da other day. One called "Bad Girls" by Shannon Holmes which I finished and now im readin "Street Dreams" by K'wan

now im home from school bein bored so ima holla at ya.

2 ; would die for they clique !*

[03 Mar 2005|04:34pm]
[ mood | content ]

whats good? school was alright today we ain't really do nothin.
1st block ; did some work and then chilled
2nd block ; played BS wit lulu and dominic cause we had a sub. That shit was straight.
LUNCH ; chilled ain't nothin really go down there.
3rd block ; did some work but that was basically easy shit
4th block ; watched a movie and I made some posters for da teacher.

APRiL 15th - da biggest step show in Broward is hosted at our school. Our step team guna tear that shit up. YOU ALREADY KNOW! lol Im gettin VIP tickets to get into it cause that shit guna be thick all da schools guna be up there like dillard, plantation and alot more all I can is it's gunna be CRUNK.

I'll holla

7 ; would die for they clique !*

[01 Mar 2005|10:28pm]
ahh my best friend in the world Jonathan is back from New York! shit its about time.. I thought he was livin there, everyone missed that man.
"DAMN Adela" lmao

2 ; would die for they clique !*

S0O FRESH! [01 Mar 2005|07:37pm]
[ mood | jubilant ]

Aww my journal looks mad cute now thanks to my cousin nicole!! Oo_sO_nawtii
I love u mama!

Nothin aint really happen today. We had that damn FCAT shyt, thank god its half over.
Lunch was da funniest shyt today, it was me nicole shawnta and janessa and they kept crackin on people walkin by. I was laughin so hard I promise. I went home early at 12:3O cuz I was tired so I had my dad pick me up and I came home and went to sleep. Now im chillin on da phone wit shayna and amanda. LMAO amanda you fuckin don't know da words to the old ass song. hah

we'll I'll holla

7 ; would die for they clique !*

Check my status.. Im da baddest! [28 Feb 2005|05:12pm]
[ mood | tired ]

wow I can't believe it was already da fair weekend. That shyt wasn't as good as last years but whatever it was straight.
Friday night ; went to swap shop wit tommy to order his airbrush shirt then came home and got ready for da fair. I went and picked up Maki and Wendy and we met nicole liv meghan chantelle jeremy logan caitlyn and amanda at da fair. We just chilled and went on a couple rides then tommy came wit danillo and went and said wusup to them then everyone was startin to leave around 11.0O so me and wendy walked to my house and den my dad dropped her off and I was mad tired so I went to sleep.
Saturday ; I ain't really do anythin durin da day then that night me and wendy got ready and went to da fair and met up wit everyone there again. It was better dis night but it had alot more drama followin it, but I ain't gunna get into that. Everyone was chillin it was straight. After da fair I went back to wendys and we chilled and ate pizza then wendys friend came and got us and we went out wit her. lmao that shit was mad crazy. We got home around like 4 and then went to sleep.
Sunday ; I came home and chilled.. more drama went down but it's all settled now.

Today ; we had da damn FCAT wtf? It was so borin I went to sleep right after I finished. we aint have 1st or 2nd block cuz we was testin and our 3rd block was only an hour. Then in 4th block drama, me olivia and alex wanted to do our lip sing project over cuz we had got nervous last time cuz there was another class in there and guess what? another damn class came in there today to watch da rest of the things. So we ended up havin to go and we sucked again lmao but whatever its all good. Then after school me and alex went to wings and now im home, tired bout to go take a nap lol

so i'll holla

5 ; would die for they clique !*

[23 Feb 2005|03:39pm]
[ mood | crappy ]

Today wasnt all that good.
1st block ; presented our projects then just chilled. me and sophia was clownin today. lmao she put her brother iguana in da oven.
2nd block ; chilled did my homework. lmao i aint do my homework from da other night so i failed the quiz we had today :\ oh well there gunna be other ones.
LUNCH ; chilled aint nothin funny happen today.
3rd block ; I fell asleep and that dumb ass teacher wanted to scream at me for it sayin I been sleepin in her class all da time. that a straight up lie. lol
4th block ; watched some movie and then i got my phone taken away but da lady gave it back to me. thank god! she said next time I pull it out she gunna give me a referal. wtf? lol

afterschool ; Im about to get ready to go out for my daddy birthday its today. da fam taken him out and amanda comin too. Its gunna be straight. so ima update later
I'll holla

4 ; would die for they clique !*

[22 Feb 2005|11:16pm]
[ mood | creative ]

"Without a struggle there can be no progress"
-Fredrick Douglas

* This quote is so true it ain't even funny. You always have to go through da worst shyt and make it through it to finally even get anything good out of it.

That was just somethin I was thinkin about. The yearbook staff interviewed me today and they wanted a quote and I said that one.

3 ; would die for they clique !*

get crunk get crunkk!! [21 Feb 2005|08:16pm]
[ mood | bouncy ]

da weekend was straight :]

Friday ; went to da st. colemans fair wit wendy and sophia. lmao we was gettin crunk. we'll we left when we got there cuz we was bored and tommy came and got us and we went to wendys to eat den stopped by thomas crib to say hi and then went and chilled at tommy house till like 12 den got dropped off at home and chilled den went to sleep.

Saturday ; chilled. i was tired so i aint really go out i was gunna go to da birthday party sophia was throwin for Fritztina but i ended up fallin asleeep.

Sunday ; chilled durin da day went to go see if da nail place was open and they wasnt so i came home and slept and den christina came over and we went to Paladium! DAMNNNN there was mad people there dis time. it was like 500 degrees up in there. EVERYONE was there i promise you. and there was fine ass boys too. i like fell asleep right when i got home i was dat tired lol

today ; went and got my nails done wit maki and wendy WE WAS THERE FOR 4 HOURS!! cuz there was mad people there cuz everyone had da day off. my nails came out lookin fresh, ima post a pic when i get da time. but now im chillin on da phone wit my best friend in da world amanda since 6th grade!

but yeah ima go and do my homework lmao so i can actually get good grades or whateva.

i'll update if anythin happens

3 ; would die for they clique !*

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